Histon and Impington Community also known as HICOM is a village based registered charity whose principal objective is the general community wellbeing of residents of all ages in the villages of Histon and Impington and neighbouring communities.

The charity currently works to meet this general objective through:

  • the provision and operation of Histon and Impington Community’s minibus since 1998
  • engagement and employment of the Village Older Person’s Co-ordinator and assistant to support the needs of older village residents since 2011
  • working towards increasing awareness and understanding  of mental health wellbeing in the community – work in this area has only recently started in 2016 with HICOM being the organising vehicle for the Village Mental Wellbeing Week held in April 2016

In December 2015 the Charity Trustees recognising its wider areas of operation decided to change the charity’s name to Histon and Impington Community also known HICOM. Our charity number is 1069042.