The Older Persons Co-ordinator aims to:

  • Establish links with all groups acting for the elderly in the community, including local and national charities, church groups, health professionals and other groups with facilities or services that might be made available in the future.
  • Identify needs arising within the community that can be addressed by existing or new groups, activities or services and ensuring that appropriate actions are instigated to address them.
  • Create and maintain a readily accessible source of resource information. This is to be made available to the elderly and their carers covering all the identified groups, services and activities.
  • This resource will provide contact and other helpful information and is intended to make it easier for you to get in touch with the right people when first coping with a need.
  • Maintain contact with the elderly and their carers through visits and participation in events and activities. This is not to duplicate the work of the carers and support teams, or to try to run activities directly, but to help us identify where there are gaps in the system and seek a solution.