Case Studies

Case Study 1

A lady suffering from sight loss, and the sudden loss of her ability to drive her car was referred to HIAFOP by one of the local churches. She wanted to continue to do her own shopping and attend church, but was too concerned for her safety to try on her own.

The Older Persons Co-ordinator was able to link her up with the HICOM shopping trips, introduce her to the regular driver, and accompany her for a few trips. As a result of a discussion with the manager during one visit, Morrisons has agreed to take special care whenever she was visiting their store on the Minibus. The HICOM drivers also know to look out for her and make sure she can safely use the bus and also cross the road to safety during pick-up and set-down.

Finally, a direct link with local charity Camsight was established for her. And her daughter in Canada is able to email the HIAFOP Co-ordinator directly where there are special concerns.

Case Study 2

A gentlemen with generally good health, but poor mobility, is being looked after by his wife. It is not convenient for external carers to share this role due to the times when they could be available. Although they can do their shopping on-line, it still means that they both tend to be tied to the house. His wife would love to go shopping with one of her daughters when she visits, but is unwilling to leave him alone.

Meanwhile, in a nearby block of retirement flats, the manager had noticed an increasing tendency for widowers to make extra demands on his own time, mainly because they now had time on their hands.

HIAFOP’s Older Persons Co-ordinator was able to encourage one of these gentlemen to spend some time with the housebound husband, so that now his wife can have some time away from the home without feeling concerned for her husband. HIAFOP has also been able to work with South Cambridge District Council towards having a stair lift installed to improve upstairs access for the husband, something that his wife had been unable to make much progress with on her own.

Case Study 3

At a visit to the local Day Centre, the manager expressed concern to HIAFOP that there was no-one to organise activities. HIAFOP’s Older Persons Co-ordinator identified someone who had previous experience and was looking for appropriate volunteer work. A simple matter of establishing the link between them has helped both parties –  a classic objective for HIAFOP.