How does the Bus benefit the elderly?

If you belong to one of the Day Centres or a local organisation you may be aware that the bus is often used by organisations for the elderly during the week. Usually these are regular bookings, and the cost of them is minimal.

However, one of the most significant benefits offered is the local shopping trip. The typical timetable shows how you can easily be transported to the local large food stores. For those who have difficulty using the public buses, the individual attention and personal touch offered is second to none. We do request a donation, please, each time you use the service, (currently £3 for trips to the local large food stores).

A second benefit which you may not be aware of is the Doctors Service. This is especially provided in collaboration with the staff at Firs House to enable elderly folk to be collected from their home, taken to their appointment and returned safely home again. For this reason, appointments for the elderly will be offered at the Surgery for Thursday mornings, and the staff will be only too happy to ensure you can be accommodated so that you can use the bus. The cost of this service is generously provided by the Practice.

Typical Schedule

Tesco Bar Hill 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month

Doctors Thursday morning

I would like to use the bus but...

Many folk are unsure if they are entitled to use the bus. Anyone is welcome on the regular shopping trips, as long as there is space. If you are concerned, why not call the driver beforehand to say you wish to travel?

If your normal transport to the doctors won't be available, why not ask the surgery to arrange your visit with HICOM?

The bus driver has leaflets with more details, so if you see the bus in the village, just ask them for information they will be delighted to help.

Alternatively, if you want information or would like to be picked up from somewhere other than the pick-up points above, please phone our administrator.

Who else can use the minibus?

Any local organisation or group can use the minibus, with 15 seats including the driver many village youth groups, sports teams have found the bus really easy and convenient to use. The bus is frequently free at weekends and evenings, to book the bus please see our Contacts.

There is a mileage charge which includes all costs fuel, insurance and breakdown cover.

Anyone over 21 and under 70 can drive the bus, a driver registration form needs to be completed and a short familiarisation exercise with the bus is offered.