Shopping Trips

In every month we try to have one shopping trip each week. There are four different venues for you to choose from and you can use as many of these as you like. The shops we go to are Aldi/Iceland, Tesco/Milton, Morrisons and our own Village. We ask for a donation towards running costs on each one.

If you wish to use one of these services please telephone our co-ordinator on 07982 106805 or Jean Newman on 07772 437789 who will arrange a time for you to be collected.

Tesco Tesco Morrisons
  1st Tuesday 3rd Tuesday 3rd Thursday
First Pick up 9.30am 9.30am 12.00 noon
Donation £2.00 £2.00 £2.50
January 2017 3rd 17th 19th
February 2017 7th 21st 16th
March 2017 7th 21st 16th
April 2017 4th 18th 20th
May 2017 2nd 16th 18th
June 2017 6th 20th 15th
July 2017 4th 18th 20th
August 2017 1st 15th 17th
September 2017 5th 19th 21st
October 2017 3rd 17th 19th
November 2017 7th 21st 16th
December 2017 5th 19th 21st

Trouble getting to the shops or Doctors?

During 2016 we will continue to provide our village shopping trips using the minibus. These trips are Door to Door and open to all, especially if you are unable to get to the shops under your own steam, or have difficulty getting into cars.

If you need to visit the Doctors, have a word with the Firs Surgery Receptionist and they will arrange an appointment on Thursday and a pickup in the minibus.

No Steps – Our Tail Lift makes simple work of entering the bus so you have no steps to climb – just ask the driver. Wheelchair users are also welcome, but it is best if you can sit in one of the minibus seats after the lift has raised you into the bus. If you do want to travel in your wheelchair you will need to speak to the team beforehand so we can ensure we have space on board and a trained driver.